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So many things going on right now that leave me wishing I were elsewhere, doing something else, being someone else.

Work is getting to be way too tense. Heard last night that the two guys I work with (one one night a week, the other on weekends) nearly came to blows the night before. The tension between the two has always been strong, but it seems it's getting much much worse. I think the overall discontent among most of the employees is growing, and it doesn't help. I'm soooo hoping I can find a different job very, very soon, as it appears that things in general are only going to get worse.

The weather is another problem. The drought has no end in sight, and the corn and soybean crops are taking a definite hit. My brother's been keeping track, and we've had way less than six inches of rain since mid-May (less than half the norm). Couple that with the unbearable heat throughout most of the summer - we had about ten days of cool temps (in the 70s) throughout July and August; the rest of the time it's been in the low to upper 90s (which we typically only hit a few days during mid-August).

And of course, fall is close at hand. The trees are losing their leaves already (combination of time of year and the damn heat/drought). But it only serves to remind me that winter is coming, and they're predicting heavier snowfall than usual (something to do with El Niño or El Niña). But I have so many things to get done before the snow comes - spent most of the day cutting down trees and shrubs (until the heat got to me), and I have a few more to do tomorrow. Then dig out the stumps and transplant lilac shoots so we have some privacy along that side of the yard. Still have a shed to tear down and rebuild, and then just general winterizing types things (like washing all these damn windows and getting plastic on them).

Sometimes I really wish I just had a small condo somewhere where the weather was a little more bland... and a means of paying for it all that didn't mean working for some dipshit.
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