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Aug. 12th, 2013 10:46 am
ostarella: (Smiles)
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Well, I start my new job today, working in maintenance for a small manufacturing company. Washing walls, cleaning machines, etc, so not 'janitorial' in that respect. And, as needed, I'll switch over to the production line as well. Pay is good, and my traveling distance is 18 miles one way, so about half what it is to get to Walmart. I'm keeping the Walmart job for the time being, but only working weekends. I work 4 9-hour days and then 4 hours on Fridays, so can fit in the Walmart hours okay. Figure to hang on to both until the snow flies, and then drop Walmart - have no interest in another winter driving that distance. But now I can afford to get all the things done with the house and yard that need doing, plus if I can stay another 3 years, I'll have a nice nest egg to ensure I can take the early retirement. So keeping my fingers crossed that the job lasts that long and that it's not so hateful I can't hang on that long - which I'm not really worried about. If I could last over 3 years at the store, I can last 3 years at the new place. It does mean a serious lack of free time for the next couple of months, but well worth it, I think. And once I quit the store, it'll be nice having that short Friday.

Wish me luck! :D
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