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Currently 3 below zero (F), but the wind chill is 24 below. Just had to run to the store and the fan on my truck's heater decided it was too cold to run.

What happened to the warmer than normal but more snow than normal winter predicted in the fall? With typical accuracy, the weather bureau got it wrong!!!!!

Now they're saying we need to get at least 40 inches of snow over the next six weeks, which is highly unlikely to happen - but because it's been so damn cold with so little snow, the ground is already frozen too deeply for that to do much good even if we did get it. So no drought relief this summer.

Date: 2013-01-22 06:31 am (UTC)
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The only weather forecast I trust now is me looking out of the window.

Got snow here just now. I can't wait for that to go. We don't get it for months and months like you do at least.

Yep, I hate winter too. It's an age thing I'm sure. Older you get the more you hate winter.

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