It's HOT!

Jul. 5th, 2012 08:25 pm
ostarella: (Tired)
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The last few days we've been hitting the upper 90s and low 100s (F). Humidity unbelievable. Normally our house stays very cool even in the hottest of days, but not now. Hell, my deodorant was getting mushy! So, much as I hate the damn thing, my brother insisted on installing the window air conditioner the other day. It's a monster. And noisy! OMG. Every time it kicks in, the whole house shakes - and I'm not exaggerating. Unfortunately, I'm one of those people who freeze easily, so I have a choice of wearing a jacket in the rooms we have closed off for the AC, or roasting in the rest of the house. Not to mention the window it's in is right next to my desk...

And no rain. We've had just over two inches since May 20. It's so frustrating - the storms go north of us, or south of us, or stop just west of us - but nothing falls on us! It's like a wedge where rain is just not allowed. Gawd. My water bill is going to be gargantuan! But I was kind of expecting it - we had almost no snow all winter, which typically means the dryness carries over to the summer.

I think I could actually deal with the weather better if it had come when it normally does - late July and into August. But now? So I'm wondering if things will get even worse in August, or if we'll have an early fall.

There just doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it any more...
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