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So, my hard drive died a few days ago. Should have the new one early next week, but in the meantime I'm stuck using an old pc with Windows98 on it - and it does not like LJ or most other forums/sites I frequent. So here I am in the library, hurrying to play catch up with the 30 minutes I'm allowed. :(

So - Bevimoo! Did not forget you, really! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!!!

Work-wise - had an interview for AP (Asset Protection) at work - will find out tonight if I actually got it. Will mean going to full-time days, but the physical effort aspects make that workable. And will mean extra cash for several projects at home and so getting them done sooner.

Also - have been asked to do an interview for an in-house ezine at one of the writing forums I'm on. So not a huge thing, but nice anyway. Unfortunately, it's on one of those sites my current pc doesn't like, so will have to arrange for that to happen after I get up and running again.

Last - my son arrives in two weeks and I actually got my vacation approved for that week!!!! Long time since I've been able to spend all my time with him on his semi-annual trips home. Happy happy happy!

Okay - gotta go! Hopefully will catch up with everyone's blogs etc next week.
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